What is kombucha?

Kombucha is thought to have originated two thousand years ago. When properly brewed, kombucha is a tasty, low sugar, naturally carbonated, fermented beverage that contains a potent assortment of antioxidants, probiotics and detoxifying acids, such as gluconic and acetic.
The probiotics found in kombucha are essential not only to digestion but to general health and well being by helping to maintain balance in the body's internal ecosystem. The general feeling of wellness is hard to describe to those who have not yet discovered kombucha but it is easily identified and enjoyed by the initiated.

All this and it tastes really, really good. Properly brewed, full strength kombucha has an utterly singular and complex taste, that has fueled the passion kombucha instills in its many devotees across the world for centuries.


Where Can i find kombucha dog?

Please view our finder map here. We are currently available in over 150 markets and restaurants in Southern California.



Kombucha is a beverage intended for humans. The dogs are featured on our labels to raise awareness for homeless pets and send a reminder to always adopt, not shop.


Can I Order Kombucha Dog to be shipped to me outside the state of california?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Because Kombucha Dog is authentic and undiluted, it contains abouT 1.25% abv (alcohol by volume), so is held to the same regulations as beer and wine. We are working to expand distribution to other states, so stay tuned!


How is Kombucha Dog different?

At Kombucha Dog we are committed to crafting authentic, undiluted kombucha. Based in Los Angeles, we hand make each batch from brewing to bottling using only raw organic ingredients to deliver what we think is the best tasting, most healthful kombucha available today.

Our focus on authenticity and taste means we never add processed sugars, syrups or pasteurized fruit juices to flavor our kombucha, and rather than force carbonate with CO2 tanks, we allow natural fermentation to produce the perfect kombucha carbonation. Rather than diluting our kombucha with water to reduce the alcohol content, Kombucha Dog has chosen to sell at full potency (which means it does contain some alcohol) to bring you the most authentic kombucha we possibly can; the best there is. Drink Authentic!


What's with the dogs?

Every Kombucha Dog label features a local rescue dog in need of a home.....right now.....today! All of us here are dog owners and believe strongly in no-kill fostering in order to humanely help innocent animals. By working with local no-kill fostering programs, each dog pictured on our label is available for adoption through our website. When considering pet ownership, please consider adoption. Save a dog today. Adopt Happiness!


What's with the alcohol?

When brewed following the traditional recipe, kombucha will contain around 1.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). According to current law, this classifies kombucha as 'beer' and is subject to the same laws. Rather than dilute the flavor and the antioxidant and probiotic potency to reduce the alcohol content, we prefer to bottle as is, so Kombucha Dog is a 21+ beverage.


Can I get drunk?

Through extensive, in-house testing, we here at Kombucha Dog have determined that it is NOT possible to get drunk by consuming even large quantities of kombucha in a short period of time. Seriously, ask Paul, he tried. Sure, you can overdo it with anything but you can't get drunk on kombucha.


Why do I need to keep it refrigerated?

Kombucha contains living probiotics and will start fermenting again if kept out of the refrigerator too long. Continued fermentation produces excessive carbon dioxide in the bottle which causes the kombucha to rapidly overflow (“explode”) upon opening. We don't suggest opening while the bottle when warm as heat expands the liquid and gas in the bottle which also risks cascades of bubbles.


Why is it not pasteurized?

The benefits of kombucha derive from its abundance of probiotics and enzymes. Pasteurization would kill the probiotics and denature the enzymes so they're no longer useful to the body.


Why doesn't Kombucha Dog have any slimy scoby?

We don't ferment our kombucha in the bottle so as long as its kept refrigerated a SCOBY will not form.


Why do you use amber colored bottles?

Dark glass protects the microbial life from damage by UV light.