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1815 N Main Street
Los Angeles CA 90031
United States of America

(213) 614-9900

KOMBUCHA DOG is raw, undiluted kombucha, handcrafted with all organic ingredients. Fermented with cold-pressed juices, our kombucha is naturally carbonated, very low in sugar and rich in probiotics and antioxidants. 

WE DON'T DILUTE. Traditional kombucha is a fermented tea that may be over 0.5% alcohol. Instead of weakening our product with water and other additives so it can be sold to people under 21, Kombucha Dog is brewed undiluted, creating a pure, full strength kombucha - the most potent on the market. 

The dogs featured on the front of every bottle are rescue dogs ready for adoption. So far 20 of the 29 dogs featured have new homes. Each dog adopted is another dog saved.


Our Story

our story

After 25 years of being a successful commercial photographer, Michael was ready for a change. Being a lifelong dog lover, he started DOGisArt, a high end pet portraiture business. Instantly rejuvenated by working with dogs, he knew he wanted to stick with this passion in his next venture. And so it began…

Michael comes from a family rooted in holistic tradition and still holds onto those core values. He has always been a strong believer in the raw food movement with a regular yoga practice. Even with a healthy and active lifestyle, he felt kombucha's health effects from the start.  

But just as his interest in kombucha was deepening, it disappeared from the store shelves. After Lindsey Lohan's lawyers wrongly attributed her failed alcohol test to drinking kombucha, a national recall was issued. Michael found himself craving kombucha more than ever and was ready to take action. He started brewing his own and soon his friends and family were requesting it by the case.

That’s when Michael had an epiphany: Not only would he brew one of the only traditionally fermented kombuchas on the market, but he would also use that shelf space to help homeless dogs find families by photographing them for our labels.  

Three years later, Michael figured out how to make consistently delicious, full potency kombucha. He tried over 200 teas, fermented over 60, built a brewery from the ground up, and overcame the thousands of other obstacles along the way.

So we invite you to join us in our mission to help more dogs find homes while enjoying the best tasting kombucha around. Kombucha Dog is the only kombucha naturally fermented long enough to contain the lowest amount of sugar and the highest number of probiotics and antioxidants.