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Enjoy Our Raw, Authentic Kombucha



  1. Made or done in the traditional or original way

  2. Accurate or reliable


About kombucha dog

While we stand by our goal of finding homes for rescue dogs through delivering a delicious, naturally fermented beverage; we are gung ho on educating consumers about How much Kombucha is really in your kombucha.  

To the world, Kombucha stands for fermented tea w/

  • Low levels of sugar

  • Low in Alcohol

  • High in Beneficial organic acids

  • All the amazing benefits of natural fermentation

  • None of our ingredients come from a labratory

  • Made by nature, not by science.

And with all of that comes around 1.2% alcohol. There’s no way around it.

… yes, authentic undiluted kombucha is 21+


Our Kombucha

HOW MUCH KOMBUCHA IS IN YOUR KOMBUCHA? We brew in the traditional way so our craft kombucha contains about 1.25% alcohol.  Because we don’t dilute with water to reduce the alcohol content, or hype the taste with concentrated syrups and additives from a lab, Kombucha Dog is full of more of the good stuff you want.  Kombucha Dog is all kombucha. To learn more about our unique brewing process and ingredients, click here.

We use only organic, non-GMO ingredients to create a refreshing and invigorating experience for your tastebuds. Hand brewed, bottled, and capped in Downtown Los Angeles, our artisan kombucha is an instant favorite.




Now on PostMates

Order Kombucha Dog On Demand in the Los Angeles area.

All flavors available in individual, 4 packs, & 12 packs. Can’t decide on a flavor? Get a mixed case!


Our mission

to craft the best Authentic kombucha on the planet. Do yourself a favor and taste the truth.


Our Dogs

All of the dogs featured on our labels are rescue dogs in foster homes and awaiting adoption by a new loving family. Click on one of the dogs below to find out how you can be his or her forever family.