About kombucha dog

After 25 years of being a successful commercial photographer, Michael Faye was ready for a change. As a lifelong dog lover, he wanted a venture that combined his passion for animal welfare with the energy and enthusiasm that dogs inspire in people. And so, with his rescue companion Charlie by his side, Michael’s journey began. Raised in a family rooted in holistic tradition, Michael has always believed in the raw food movement. He practiced yoga regularly. Even with a healthy and active lifestyle, he felt kombucha's health effects from the start. But, just as his interest in kombucha was deepening, it disappeared from store shelves for a while. Michael found himself craving kombucha more than ever and was ready to take action. He started brewing his own. Soon, his friends and family were requesting it by the case. That’s when Michael had an epiphany: He would brew one of the only traditionally fermented kombuchas on the market and use their shelf space to help homeless dogs find families by photographing them for labels. About a year later, Michael figured out how to make consistently delicious, full-potency kombucha. He tried over 200 teas, fermented over 60, built a brewery from the ground up, and overcame thousands of other obstacles along the way. Kombucha Dog invites you to join their mission in helping more canines find homes while enjoying the best tasting kombucha around.