Fermentation Nation! Top Talk with Pace Webb

We were very excited to be involved with an extraordinary podcast a few weeks ago. Pace Webb is an L.A. based chef exploring the nooks and crannies of the culinary world, from cooking at Coachella to vegan cuisine to, you guessed it, kombucha! It was such an incredible honor to be able to interview with her and tell Kombucha Dog's story.

As an Executive Chef and Lifestyle Expert, Pace is one of the most sought after chefs on the Los Angeles food scene. Her catering company, Taste of Pace, is renowned for their monthly underground, invite-only Supper Club as well as being tapped to cater high-end celebrity and charity events for clients like the Breast Cancer Fund and Acura. She's even been featured on Food Network, HGTV, Bravo! and so many more.

We hope you'll listen to our founder's segment, which starts about halfway through, but of course we also encourage you to listen to the entire show. Fermentation is a fascinating thing! 

Michael Faye
Kombucha Dog is Not a Crime

As reported on FOX, VICE, CBS, DAILY MAIL, NEW YORK, LAist, RAW STORY, and others, Kombucha Dog was mentioned in the ABC’s busting up of a religious ceremony for illegally selling alcohol without a license in Venice, California. Kombucha Dog is flattered that Full Circle selected it as their kombucha of choice. Still, we believe that Kombucha Dog will give you a blissful feeling regardless of your spiritual beliefs. Our only devotion is to brewing kombucha the traditional, non-diluted way, which produces about 1% alcohol. Unfortunately, under current law this classifies Kombucha Dog as an alcoholic beverage since the limit is 0.5%.  

“We’d like to use this opportunity to open a common sense discussion about the alcohol laws in California and the rest of the country," said Michael Faye, founder/COO of Kombucha Dog. "Many common foods like teriyaki sauce, tiramisu or a ripe orange contain about 0.5% or even more alcohol, the level which defines whether a beverage is alcoholic or non in the U.S. Because of kombucha's unfamiliarity in the American marketplace, we end up classified as  beer in terms of stickers, warnings, etc. Yet, in many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom and the EU, Kombucha Dog wouldn’t be considered an alcoholic beverage, because the limit there is higher!  It just doesn’t seem to make sense that our kombucha is legally considered an alcoholic beverage, since you’d drown before you got drunk drinking Kombucha Dog.” 

Brewed in Los Angeles, Kombucha Dog is dedicated to making the purest and best-tasting kombucha while raising awareness of rescue dogs needing homes. Our practice of partnering with local no-kill animal shelters, putting homeless, adoptable dogs on the labels of our bottles so that may find forever homes is, to us, as important and relevant as the sensational aspects of the Full Circle story. We follow all state and federal laws, which means one must be 21 or over to purchase and drink it.

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About Kombucha Dog

Handcrafted and bottled in Los Angeles, Kombucha Dog aims to showcase local rescue dogs in need of a home on each bottle while delivering high-quality, undiluted, kombucha. Since 2010, Photographer, Founder and CEO, Michael Faye, has fused his passion for photography, commitment to animal rights and emphasis on the importance of a healthy lifestyle to create Kombucha Dog, available in four flavors that can be purchased at over 100 retail locations in the Southern California market.

For media Inquiries, please email: info@kombuchadog.com

Michael Faye
Mares De Barcelona Blog

We received a wonderful writeup from this lifestyle and culture blog from Barcelona. If you're interested in what's happening in one of the best cities in the world, this is a good place to start

Here's the post in English for those who don't use a translation tool on their web browser:

A few weeks ago I discovered KOMBUCHA DOG thanks to Instagram (which gives me so much satisfaction) and I was impressed with the idea behind the product. To start many of you may wonder what the kombucha, right? The Kombucha is a fermented drink slightly acidic flavor, prepared with fermented tea sweetened by some fungi and bacteria that convert sugar into glucose and fructose and then ethyl alcohol. The name "kombucha" is possibly Japanese, since konbu (昆布) means 'algae', and termination cha (茶) means 'tea', or 'seaweed tea', for its resemblance to an algae. The Chinese prized fungus for its ability to balance the chi, the vital energy, and improve digestion. It seems that Chinese doctors kept the mushroom of immortality and longevity secret but really anyone with drink can get the fungus by standing several weeks since its surface will grow new fungus. Well, after this wikipédico'll roll the point of the question. The drink I have not ever tasted but I'm dying to buy it for two reasons (apart from curiosity about the taste of course):

1. Impeccable design: each bottle has a dog in the beautifully photographed, worthy label of a LAUS prize.

2. The cause: every dog as been rescued from the streets of Los Angeles (USA) and is in adoption. They've got a home to more than 50 dogs.

I would like large consumer companies will be set in these actions / thoughts / causes and invest the marketing budget with ideas that improve the planet. This is one of them, can you imagine a bottle of Estrella Damm, Coca-Cola or Cacaolat with photo of the hundreds of abandoned animals that you can take on any of the protectors of our locations like CAAD Maresme? And I put examples of drinks, but the same could be done with Nike, Munich or with Kellogg's cereals.

Anyway, I'll leave ... (Hopefully this post will not fall on deaf ears). And enjoy the website and the story of its creator:


For those interested who do not plan a trip to California, for now the nearest store to get a bottle is in Paris (http://www.colette.fr). I recommend you visit, sponsor and / or walk a dog or pet (http://www.acaadmaresme.org/ca/index.php).

Michael Faye
An Evening of Transformation at the Tap Room & Gallery, Saturday, January 3

An evening of TRANSFORMATION for the NEW YEAR. Maja D'Aoust, the lovely White Witch of L.A., will perform a RITUAL of transformation and regeneration as well as The ORACLE, focus on your transformation and who you want to be in 2015, ask Maja any question you may have in the Cosmos Guy Blakeslee, of The Entrance Band, will perform a meditative drone set Diva, will connect us through with Yailmelic Transmissions from another planet. Starts 8pm – 5$ suggested donation.

Guy Blakeslee 8pm
Maja D'Aoust 9pm
DIVA 10:30pm
Dj Mira Billotte all nite
Bring a blanket and pillow for a meditation session

Here's the Facebook Event Page.

Michael Faye
Kombucha Dog Holiday Bazzaar

December 20th, 10am – 6pm

Crafts • Art • Live Music • Vegan Food • Dog Apoptions • Yoga @ 10am


Angie Jones • Lalun Naturals • Daugter of the Raj • Bella Fresca • Jared Burton • And More!


Kombucha Dog, 1815 North Main St., Los Angeles

Michael Faye
Grand Opening Kombucha Dog's Tap Room & Gallery

Tap Room & Gallery Grand Opening

Saturday 10/25 & Sunday 10/26, 11am - 6pm, 1815 North Main St., Los Angeles

Now open to the public with Kombucha Dog on draft.

Gallery artwork of dogs from Kombucha Dog bottles.

Guest appearances by dogs on the bottles. Ready for adoption.

Live unplugged performance by SWIMM - Saturday @ 4:30 (facebook.com/swimmmusic)

Visit the biannual Brewery Art Walk across the street (breweryartwalk.com)

Michael Faye