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Kombucha Dog

About Lindsay Lohan to say something nasty is as simple as, um, falling off a barstool. Sure some of it is justified. However, Lindsay can sometimes be an angel, albeit reluctantly.

And following is a Hollywood story with a happy ending, thanks to Lindsay, Lindsay was simply. The other day in the supermarket I noticed a few unusual kombucha bottles. Neither Sanskrit characters still bliss promise on the label, but in each case a different dog.

What makes the label Kombucha Dog: Each dog is looking for a loving home and can be found by info on the back of the bottle. What all this has to do with Lindsay?

It started with an idea of rand founder Michael Faye. Having grown up in a vegetarian household where there was no sugar, no cola, spending a lot of raw food, Faye was tinged holistically from an early age and began in 2005 in order to drink Kombucha. No sooner had he got the taste, Kombucha disappeared from the supermarket shelves. Namely shortly after Lindsay Lohan tried to talk his way out of a versemmelten alcohol-Am-control test, by declaring that she had too much to drink Kombucha (the drink has its ferment a wiiiiiiiiinzigen alcohol content).

For weeks Kombucha drinkers in LA sat on dry land. Faye therefore simply began to brew his own kombucha. It tasted so good to his family and friends that he founded Kombucha Dog, with the intention of making and selling the tastiest, healthiest kombucha and he put photos of dogs on the label to help them to be adopted. And he does now. Dozens of bow wows have found a new home. Teddy and I say: Cheers! And Lindsay? Let's just be Lindsay ...