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We received a wonderful writeup from this lifestyle and culture blog from Barcelona. If you're interested in what's happening in one of the best cities in the world, this is a good place to start

Here's the post in English for those who don't use a translation tool on their web browser:

A few weeks ago I discovered KOMBUCHA DOG thanks to Instagram (which gives me so much satisfaction) and I was impressed with the idea behind the product. To start many of you may wonder what the kombucha, right? The Kombucha is a fermented drink slightly acidic flavor, prepared with fermented tea sweetened by some fungi and bacteria that convert sugar into glucose and fructose and then ethyl alcohol. The name "kombucha" is possibly Japanese, since konbu (昆布) means 'algae', and termination cha (茶) means 'tea', or 'seaweed tea', for its resemblance to an algae. The Chinese prized fungus for its ability to balance the chi, the vital energy, and improve digestion. It seems that Chinese doctors kept the mushroom of immortality and longevity secret but really anyone with drink can get the fungus by standing several weeks since its surface will grow new fungus. Well, after this wikipédico'll roll the point of the question. The drink I have not ever tasted but I'm dying to buy it for two reasons (apart from curiosity about the taste of course):

1. Impeccable design: each bottle has a dog in the beautifully photographed, worthy label of a LAUS prize.

2. The cause: every dog as been rescued from the streets of Los Angeles (USA) and is in adoption. They've got a home to more than 50 dogs.

I would like large consumer companies will be set in these actions / thoughts / causes and invest the marketing budget with ideas that improve the planet. This is one of them, can you imagine a bottle of Estrella Damm, Coca-Cola or Cacaolat with photo of the hundreds of abandoned animals that you can take on any of the protectors of our locations like CAAD Maresme? And I put examples of drinks, but the same could be done with Nike, Munich or with Kellogg's cereals.

Anyway, I'll leave ... (Hopefully this post will not fall on deaf ears). And enjoy the website and the story of its creator:

For those interested who do not plan a trip to California, for now the nearest store to get a bottle is in Paris ( I recommend you visit, sponsor and / or walk a dog or pet (

Michael Faye