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1815 N Main Street
Los Angeles CA 90031
United States of America

(213) 614-9900

KOMBUCHA DOG is raw, undiluted kombucha, handcrafted with all organic ingredients. Fermented with cold-pressed juices, our kombucha is naturally carbonated, very low in sugar and rich in probiotics and antioxidants. 

WE DON'T DILUTE. Traditional kombucha is a fermented tea that may be over 0.5% alcohol. Instead of weakening our product with water and other additives so it can be sold to people under 21, Kombucha Dog is brewed undiluted, creating a pure, full strength kombucha - the most potent on the market. 

The dogs featured on the front of every bottle are rescue dogs ready for adoption. So far 20 of the 29 dogs featured have new homes. Each dog adopted is another dog saved.



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An Evening Of Transformation At The Tap Room & Gallery Saturday Jan. 3

Michael Faye


∆∆An evening of TRANSFORMATION for the NEW YEAR∆

Maja D'Aoust, the lovely White Witch of L.A.,
will perform a RITUAL of transformation and regeneration
as well as 
The ORACLE, focus on your transformation and who you want to be in 2015, ask Maja any question you may have in the Cosmos

Guy Blakeslee, of The Entrance Band,
will perform a meditative drone set

Diva, will connect us through with Yailmelic Transmissions 
from another planet

Starts 8pm 5$ suggested donation

Guy Blakeslee 8pm
Maja D'Aoust 9pm
DIVA 10:30pm
Dj Mira Billotte all nite
Bring a blanket and pillow for a meditation session

Here's the Facebook Event Page.